Oppose Any Additional Cost of Living / Reduce Useless Spending

With every new program or project passed in Albany, the cost comes down on us. New York is highest taxed state in the country. This is not an accident. Pointless rules and regulations make your life more expensive. In Albany, I will oppose ANY measure or program that will take money out of your wallet unless there is a elimination of a useless program or burdensome tax. When you go to work, you work to support your family. You should not be a piggy bank for the government.

Fixing Public Transit 

The same politicians who created the MTA problem are the ones now tasked to fix it. That will not work. Most of the people "fixing" our public transit do not use it regularly. Fares keep going up while the quality of service decreases substantially. In Albany I will put pressure on MTA officials, NYCT officials, and the Governor to restore bus lines like the s54 on weekends and cut wasteful spending that makes your commute more expensive.

Individual Liberties

In the nation founded on freedom, New York puts high regulations on people and businesses. The message is simple. Less government, better state. The government has no right making decisions on what you can or can not do. For example, students should be able to use TAP awards to go to trade school. It is less expensive than a four year college, and the student has a much better chance of finding a job in a trade they are interested in. That means a return on the investment via tax dollars and spending in our economy. 

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